About the CANFAR Project

CANARIE’s Network-Enabled Platform (NEP) Program

CANARIE’s flagship Network-Enabled Platform (NEP) Program funds the development of tools and software that help researchers, in a wide range of disciplines, to fully exploit and share the massive amount of data and research that flow along the CANARIE Network. Initial CANFAR development was undertaken with $2.3 million of funding under this program.

CANFAR Development Post NEP

Development and implementation of CANFAR infrastructure have continued since the completion of the CANFARIE funded NEP project in May 2010.

How to use CANFAR

User Guides, Tutorials, Toolboxes and and general help can be found on the CANFAR Documentation Wiki. Help on getting a CANFAR account is available from the wiki or by contacting canfarhelp@nrc.gc.ca.